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Strange Intermittant Sound From Mk7 1.4 Fiesta


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My wife's car has developed a strange intermittent fault. It seems to be prevalent just after starting a journey, but can sort of happen any time. She initially described it as 'pre ignition/running on'. I've heard it but it's not the engine- there's absolutely no loss of power/driveability when it occurs. The sound is similar to a 4 pot running on 3 cyclinders... Stopping the engine and starting it again and it's gone...When the ignition is turned off and the engine has stopped, this 'sound' continues for a few seconds and it is just like an engine running on 3. Seems to be coming from the OSF engine bay area. I've not been able to get the bonnet open in time to see exactly where it's coming from. Next time it occurs, I'll stop the car with the engine running and get a look.

Any one have any ideas ?

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Update... Turns out to be the air con gas a bit low. Had it re gassed and now it's loads better. Only heard the noise once in over a week.The mechanic said he heard and saw it- the whole rad assembly badly vibrating but had no idea why.

Anyone recognise these symptons ?

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