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Build A New Focus Rs Lookalike Anyone?


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Hi all, Have any of you seen this kit? It does look awesome!!! Who is going to be first? I havent got the power to back it up so it will have to be one of you lucky ST owners!



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not sure im a fan, it doesnt look as aggressive, I think there are some modifications that work nicely, Mk2 ST for example, looks great on a MK2, but I think if its going to be done, it needs to be done right, and that car doesn't have that "look" the look like its about to eat your children kinda look

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I've never understood why you would want to make a car look faster than it is.

I prefer the opposite if anything, cars that are faster than they look.

Any Ford fan can generally spot a fake anyway.

I love a good sleeper too but I still like the kit on the Focus above. Each to their own plus the fact that I will never be able to afford a genuine Focus RS. I cant even afford the kit with our baby girl being due in 7 weeks!:)
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