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Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch


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2005 1.6 petrol Ghia

Hi people, I've had the car for a little over 2 months now and I'm trying to sort a few little niggles out.

Firstly the heat from the car is not great, I'd expect it to be a lot warmer.

Secondly the temp gauge needle don't move at all

Thirdly the fan control only works on 3 and 4

I'm assuming these are all related, can any of you put me onto some kind of fix please? Preferably nothing too technical as I'm not very competent on the spanners with modern cars



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I can help with the second problem.

You need to buy another Heater resistor pack for the Focus.

To replace it you need to remove the glove box (not my video):

this shows where it is located, unplug it, two screws to un screw, then pull it out and pop the new one in.

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great - i have this issue also!!!!!

So annoying that it dosent blow out on 1 or 2!!!!

is this part expensive to buy? could anyone link me to one to purchase so i can see the right part i need

Thanks for asking this I wasn't sure if it were just me thinking it weren't working ha!

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Thank you - thats really appreciated

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That's the resistor issue sorted. 

Does anyone have a link to the correct thermostat please? 

There's still the issue of my temp gauge not working. Possible temp sensor unit? Anyone else had an issue? 

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