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Air Filter Replacement


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Yes,I know it's probably been done to death but here goes anyway.Had a look at my OEM air filter and its time for a change.When replacing parts due to failure or ware and tare I usually try to make an after market upgrade if there is one.I've been looking into a like for like green cotton air filter standard replacement at around £40 the OEM is around £10,is this very small upgrade worth the money or should I spend the saved money on chocolate ha ha.Your views are appreciated as always.Thanks.

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On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 3:42 PM, williamweb said:

Thanks for that ,I'll have a look.

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Just Google "full list lennys guides" 

Any time anywhere 😉

to view full list of links, 


Here's the induction filter upgrade guide: 





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