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Looking To Buy Drl From Ebay


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I'm looking to buy these DRLs to fit into my MK2.5 Focus:


As they appear a lot cheaper than the ones on thespeedline, but seem to be the exact same product.

Anyone have any experience with eBay user linlishan0768?

Or from general personal experience buying parts for your cars from Chinese eBay sellers, would you recommend paying double and going for the more expensive kit at thespeedline?

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What you do know is that a Brand has a reputation to maintain, They probably do come from the same factory but may have a much higher degree of QC, much like an iPhone is made in china right along side the GooPhone Chinese knock off, which do you think will have better QC, maybe the same maybe not ;)

at the end of the day we all roll the dice, if your lucky then you saved yourself a few quid, if not, then you have a problem to deal with.

I got the speedline ones and they have been faultless, sturdy design no hassle at all

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avoid avoid avoid.

i buy tons of stuff on eBay but never anything electrical / electronic from the far east.

if the goods are naff / faulty , you will only get a refund if the item is returned via international tracked parcel service - at your expense

and that will cost you at least half the value of those drl's.

and even if the lights work i guarantee you the fixing tabs on the fog grills snap straight off at the first attempt at fitting........

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