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Hope I'm posting on the right forum  (new to this site). 

I have a ford fiesta mk6 zetec 08. I currently have the sportex exhaust back box & a k&n induction kit. I'm wanting my exhaust to sound louder/powerful. I'm thinking of having both the sportex manifold and race tube. Will this make a difference to the sound of my exhaust. Has Any1 else had this fitted and have a link to how it will sound? (Don't no much about cars, just like adding mods onto mine to make it stand out more) any advice would be appreciated and any suggestions on how to make my car look and sound better. Thanks ks 

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Sportex.. Will provide pretty much 0 gains. They're rubbish & only mild steel so will rust.

What engine do you have? If it's the duratec, stop wasting your money. It's a weak engine, by design. The most power you'll gain is from Piper cams for around £400

Make sure you declare your mods too...

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AN exhaust manifold isint really worth the spend to behonest unless your going all out on the motor. 

A race tube? 

I'm guessing this is a decat pipe which is illegal on road resulting in hefty EPA fine aswell as vehicle impounded.

Now a 200 call sports cat is a straight swap from any exhaust repair garage, 

It will increase flow of the exhaust making it louder aswell as slightly more responsive 

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