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Replace a Ford radio with the Sony version


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I have just bought a 55 plate 2.0 Ghia with no radio in it. I believe the car should have the Ford 6000cd unit in it but before I buy one I wondered if the Sony unit Ford fit in some Focuses would be ok in my car with no wiring issues? 



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Wiring issues, no. But be careful not to mix it up with Mondeo mk3's stereo, they look quite the same but Mondeo's have slightly different "frame" around the stereo - it's wider on top. 

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So if I get a Focus Sony it will just slot in and the wiring connection will work exactly the same as the Ford 6000cd with the steering wheel controls working as they should? 

Is their an aux in socket on the Sony?

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Yes, the wiring uses the same FAKRA connector for the Sony stereo as for the 6000CD. Steering controls will work, but the AUX socket is a separate thing, if you don't have that already in your glove compartment, you need to get a wire for that. You can easily find one on ebay:



If you're still in doubt, there's some good read about the Ford stereos here:






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