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Filled Pat fluid tank today.


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Cost me £45 quid from my local factors for a litre of fluid and the filling kit. Could have got it for a smidge under £42 from Euro car parts but would have had to go into town to get it and would have taken over an hour of my time to do so. It actually came to just over £50 but I showed them a print out of the ECP price and they did their best to try and match it but came out a couple of quid dearer.

Was a pretty painless experience and easy enough to do. Jacked drivers said up at rear and axle stand under it. Removed the filling point cap, plugged the filling kit pipe on, kept the bottle above and gentle squeezes until the bottle was completely empty.

Then used Forscan to reset the counter as the engine check light was already on, then also ran the additive system prime function to be sure. 

So that's another job done.

Only took half an hour or so.

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Yeah its a fairly easy job, I don't knw why people make a fuss about it tbh.  Just have to be careful not to get any on skin, it doesn't come off for ages if you do!

I take it thats cleared the fault code you were getting?

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