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ford focus mk2 best make flywheel choice?


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hi there all. i have a ford focus mk2 version 1.6 tdci. there is a bit vibration on the clutch pedal. and was told its on its way out . so dont want to buy any cheap clutch and flywheel kit . ive heard about the solid flywheel conversion kit but was told to stick with the DMF. could any one advice me on which make of kit to buy thanks

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The double mass flywheel of the 1.6 TDCI uses special grease instead of springs to dampen vibrations. This type of double mass flywheel is very durable and generally lasts very long. A defective double mass flywheel is very rare on a 1.6 TDCI.

You should also look at the torsional damper pulley (harmonic balancer). This pulley basically consists of 2 metal pieces that are connected by a vulcanised rubber. If the rubber wears it can cause vibrations through the engine/gearbox which can also be felled on the clutch pedal. A defective torsional damper pulley can often be identified by traces of surface rust on and near the pulley. A new torsional damper pulley is pretty inexpensive and easy to replace.


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