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Annoying road / wheel noise (CC3)


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Hi all.

I've got a couple of annoying noises that I was wondering if anyone could identify on my 2008 Focus CC3.

The most worrying is a loud high pitch humming sound that starts at about 65mph get louder and then vanishes  when I go over 70 it seems to resonate through the whole car. I'm thinking it's either going to be tyre noise or wheel bearings but I'm not sure. It doesn't seem to change when I steer (which I would assume that bearing would do) 

The other noise is a pretty annoying vibrating / rattle that seems to be coming from around where the driver seatbelt comes out from the interior trim. The kicker being that the first noise seems to exacerbate the rattle through some kind of sympathetic vibration and I end up in a rattling howling mess when Im at motorway speed.


Anyone got any ideas as to 1 what the first noise might be and 2 how to fix the annoying interior rattle? 

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Try switching the tyres/wheels front to rear then left to right. If that alters-changes or stops your noises then it is more than likely one or more mis-shaped tyre. If not check drive-shaft universal joints or C/Visit joints for wear. They could be running eccentric. That would create such a noise. Hope this helps! Steve. :-)

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Thanks for the advice in this thread. Here is my update on the situation.


A few days after posting I coincidentally got a really bad puncture and while inspecting my tyres the guy at the local tyre place told me that my two rear tyres were quite badly out of shape.They were really cheap no name type tyres anyway so I decided to have them all changed for some Uniroyals.

The whining noise has now completely gone, yay!

I still get the annoying interior rattle from time to time on rough roads which I need to attempt to track down.

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