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Zetec s badge

Dan panda

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Hi guys and girls iv just received the S badge to put on my focus zetec s but i dont know where to put it. If i put it next to zetec its a very tight squeeze and if i put it underneath it doesn't look right personally. So any advice or help would be much appreciated pics welcome to 






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This is what it looks like with the numbers removed. (I did the same with my motor as I like the symmetry with only the Focus and Zetec badge.) 

Without the numbers the S badge might look good under the zetec badge (where the numbers used to sit) or remove also the zetec badge and replace (with a new one) slightly to the left from the original position just to create more space for the S badge on the right side of the zetec badge.

I don't have time right now to create a few photo examples, might do it later!:unsure:focus_S.thumb.jpg.64ce1fd894624e13c5159a 

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i'd place it under the letter T in zetec.

removing the zetec and replacing it further inwards to sqeeze the S on the end will leave unequal gaps between the words measured from the numberplate centre  :-D

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