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Mk2 Estate Front Towing Eye


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I had all the symptoms of dying and then dead alternator this afternoon.

Fortunately it died some 200 metres away from my house, so with some passing help was able to push it home - they're surprisingly heavy for their class of car, more so, as it's a slight incline. We got pushed across the entrance to the drive. Where it's stuck at the moment..

The failing alternator of course managed to kill the battery in it's dying throes, so it now won't start until that's replaced.  I don't particularly want to kill a further new battery with a dead alternator.

To remove and replace the alternator, it needs to be on the drive, my road is too narrow to safely work in the road, particularly on the offside..:lol1: But the drive is too steep to push it up there, unless I can find a rugby team who just happen to be passing!

The drive is wider enough to use another car to tow it up, but I can't see where the towing eye at the front is! 

Admittedly, I'm looking for it in the dark with a fading torch, and for added joy, in a storm.:unsure:

Is there in fact a towing eye, and where is it?



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