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Help my car smells like it's burning and the fan keeps kicking in.


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I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta 1.4 diesel 

I've been having an issue where I can take my car on a 5 minute drive, which isn't strenuous on the engine at all. The fan keeps coming on and causing my car to have no power or causing the car to shudder when at 30-40mph. 

I have had a full service on the car had the coolant pipe changed, had the thermostat sensor changed on the engine and still no fix. I'm worried the engine may blow up as I need to give more revs to get the car to pull off the line.

When exiting the car you can smell burning. If I let the car sit for 10-20 minutes the fan eventually turns off and power is restored. 

I'm quite literally at my lowest right now with the car and need some serious advice. 

The oil levels are fine, my coolant is at max. I've tried showing mechanics the issue, but they can't really see any issues with the car which would cause this.


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Does your car have a DPF fitted? It's possibly trying to regenerate. Take it on a good long journey & let the car get upto temperature. Otherwise you'll end up with a blocked DPF ready to ruin your life (if this is the issue)

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