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MK4 Focus - installing Auto Lights, wipes and dimming rear view mirror


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HI All 

This is my first time posting on here . I'm after buying myself a brand new 2016 Mk4 focus titanium spec. I previously had a 2009 MK2 (facelift) focus titanium spec. On the 2009 model , I had auto wipers, auto lights and auto dimming rear view mirror. My new focus doesn't have these features. I thought it came as standard on the all focus titanium model and I didn't realise it was an optional extra and did not order them. 

My question is , is it possible to install auto wipers and auto lights and an auto dimming rear view mirror? 

To install them what is involved ? 



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Mk4 isn't out yet, so I assume you mean the Mk3.5 (Mk3 facelift).

If you have a Titanium, it will have auto wipers, lights and dimming mirror, they come as standard on Titanium and higher.



From the price list:

Additional to Zetec

  • 16" 10-spoke alloy wheels
  • Active City Stop
  • Automatic headlights
  • Rain sensitive windscreen wipers
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
  • Cruise control with speed limiter
  • Ford Keyless start
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Yes you're correct its the MK3.5 ( MK3 facelifft ) 

I got all the options you quoted bar the auto light , wipers and dimming rear view mirror. 

I had to request the parking sensors

There might be difference between the UK titanium spec and the titanium spec sold in Ireland.

But is it possible to get auto light , auto wipers and auto dimming rear view mirror installed into the car ? 




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Ah, I didn't realise you were in Ireland.

Bit mean of Ford IE not to include those bits...

It might be possible, looms are normally the main issue, it is difficult without knowing what modules you do have in place...

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I know Alex 

Its pretty mean of FORD IE to not include these items. That's why the standard spec car in the UK is a mid range spec here in Ireland. 

Thanks for the help by the way , Ill give the garage a call to see if its possible and see what the damage is too LOL 

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i've never understood the attraction of automatic driver aid's personally, it's just something else to go wrong and i'd rather have manual control of the cars equipment anyway.

but no disrespect to the O.P. though and wish him luck in his new car.  :-) 

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