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Replacement K&N E-9289 for 1.6 150


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Hi, im new to FOC but have had my 2011 1.6 ecoboost focus for a couple of years now and *touch wood* as nothing has gone t*ts yet i havent needed to seek advice. 

I have been thinking about upgrading my standard paper air filter to a K&N replacement filter. And am wondering if anyone can offer some advice. I used to have an open air induction kit on a old car which was pretty rubbish, slowed the car down if anything- although it sounded wicked.

I've not had a major service done yet and believe air filter hasnt been replaced (on 23k).

Has anyone replaced theirs for one of the E-9289 filter with removable bung in the end? Ive read online that these filters may not filter the air to the engine as well as a standard filter. Is it worth the £50? Will it affect my insurance?


cheers all

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Hey, I recently fitted one of these plus the larger K&N lid on my 1.6 Focus MK2.5 (100 PS) and other than the improved sound, there is a noticeable improvement in the overall smoothness of the engine. It revs more freely (especially at 5K and above), doesn't bog down as much either, and I swear there's a slight improvement in acceleration - although that might just be a placebo effect or just due to having a heavier foot due to the improved sound :)

Regardess, I think it was a decent improvement for my engine, but obviously I can't comment for yours.

As far as insurance, because it's not a manufacturer spec filter I declared it anyway just to be safe, it didn't really affect the premium much but it does go up a little bit.

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Ive read reviews on a website and people were saying they woukdnt touch these filters as they dont filter the air as well. Any of you guys have any experiences due to lack of filtration?

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