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Fitting Mk2 ST suspension on Normal Focus


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Hello , my car is a 2006 Focus Ghia with the Ti-VCT 115hp engine , i have some plans on modyfing and i want to start with the suspension and then do  some minor upgrades on the brakes and the engine. My Question is what parts whether it is possible to swap ST suspension parts to my car such as the springs,shocks,anti roll bars . I want the car to be lowered  around 30 or 40mm but not more than that , so i am not sure is the st suspension will do that as the st is quite heavier 150+kg if i remember right. The other option is to go with some Eibach pro kit springs and koni yellows or bilsteins and maybe put a bigger rear anti roll bar . Has anyone tried any of these combos ?

Any ides and thoughts will be aprriciated !

Cheers !

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I think most folk have just gone for Eibach pro kit springs, I know that whenever mine need replaced that's what ill be getting.

I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure you need to watch what springs you use, they are designed for the car, so if yours is a lot lighter then you can expect it to be riding higher

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its the ti vct. Save the cash for when the Ti vct cam and pulley needs replaced lol

springs not worth it unless you replace the shocks ford use Eibach lowering kits which you get for the focus ti vct rear anti roll bar is a waste of time it wont do anything hence why you fit a rear strut brace which agains a waste of time if the other bushes are worn

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