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DTCs Fifth & Sixth Fields - what do they mean?


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Following the death of my alternator, I ran Forscan to ascertain what went wrong, but also to find out if I had any other faults occur, since I last ran it. Related or not ,to the alternator failure

Whilst, Forscan includes a descriptor of the fault, and the likely culprits, after the DTC there a hyphen and two further two fields (5th & 6th), what do these actually mean? 

For example, in the codes present at the time of my last test,

On the PCM, I have P0670-78 which is the Glow Plug Module Control Circuit and indicates the cause to be an open circuit or a short circuit in the harness, what does the 78 represent?

On the ACM, I have B1342-60 which relates to an internal fault on the ACM, what does 60 mean?

On GEM, I have B2894-0F which is Decklid (why can't they call it a tailgate, like everyone else does?) Release Circuit Failure, but what does 0F mean?

Again on the PCM, I have P1632-62 which Smart Alternator Output Circuit, what does 62 mean?

I'm guessing these fifth and sixth fields actually convey something important, otherwise why have them.

None of the web resources I've looked at so far, mention the fifth and sixth fields, only the letter designation and fields one to four.

Can anyone shed some light on this:smile:







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Hi! Did you solve this problem?

I have the same PCM code P0670-78. I'm going to the workshop this afternoon but I would like to know if you solved the problem and how!

I've been wasting a lot of money on this car along this year, i'm tired!


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