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Replacing body parts


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That's a slightly grim title, isn't it?!

Nothing sinister though. Over the years our poor car has had a couple of knocks on the front right (driver's) side (one thanks to an idiot cyclist who decided to get on the right side of our car to right at a T junction when my wife was also turning right - think about that!)

The end result is that the wheel arch section, and the section above it are not looking too cool. Not awful, just not great. These sections seem to be made out of fibreglass - not that I've looked all that closely so that could be nonsense - and I'm not convinced they're fixable. So the simple question is, where is the best place to get replacements?

And as a sub question, are they easy to fit myself (albeit with the help of my far more capable brother)?


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cheapest place would be a scrappy, find a colour match and your laughing.  I don't have your mk1 tho so I don't have a clue how easy it will be but based on my mk2 wing, it should be pretty easy with a Haynes manual

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Scrap yards are very different nowadays due to health and safety.  Most don't let you walk round anymore - unless you have boots, hi vis vest and hard hat and are chaperoned by a staff member.  I only know of one near me (well, nearly an hour away!) that I can just wander in in normal clothes, trainers and pull what I want lol.

Most also have the cars stacked about 5 high on racks so if you want anything from the top it gets interesting lol.

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There are two scrapyards near me I would happily use and have used both, Deatons metal salvage yard in Brimington and Viaduct auto spares I think it's called again near Brimington.


Deaton's allow you to walk round in a high vis and get what you need, the cars are all on the ground but they don't often have MK2 Focii in sadly.

Viaduct autos allow you to walk round the yard too and get what you need to an extent or they will remove the part for you to collect later on that day. Again they don't tend to have many diesel Focus MK2's in very often.


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