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2005 Ford Focus High and Stiff Clutch Pedal


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My parents drive a 2005 Ford Focus, Mk 2 (pre-facelift). 

Three years ago, they had a new clutch fitted, and ever since it has been extremely stiff to press down. 

Now, in their usual manner, they just put up with it, believing there's nothing they can do about it. 

But I was in the car with my dad the other day, and he was having a hard time keeping it down. They're in their early 60s, and both quite fit for their ages, so it's not that they don't have the strength or anything. 

Further still though, I had a little go in it on a car park, and boy it is very stiff. It's certainly not right. I've never driven a car with a clutch that hard to press. 

Of course, this could simply be the fact that the car is getting old, and that the clutch is becoming worn, but both of them tell me that it has been exactly this hard to press ever since the day the clutch was replaced. 

So if even after a new clutch was fitted it was as stiff as it is now, it makes me wonder if it wasn't adjusted correctly or something when the new one was fitted.

I know nothing about clutches - but could it be that there's some form of adjustment that could be made to soften it up a bit? 

If so, and if it's inexpensive, I'll have it done right away. 



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it cant be adjusted its hydraulic if its that stiff its likely it was not done right the clutch is high on all fords but it should be was to press down sadly they've waited too long so the only thing you could do I have it checked over

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