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Confused with SYNC versions


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Hi, I'm quite confused with Ford Focus SYNC versions.

Let me explain.

- I rented a Focus Estate while my insurance claim was ongoing. This car was built in June 2014, and has a SYNC system without a touch screen. It had great bluetooth integration with my phone and showed the playlist and song names, etc.

- I purchased a Focus hatchback a while later, this car was built in January 2014. The bluetooth is not as integrated with the phone and does not show the song name.


I always thought that at some point between January and June 2014, Ford came out with a SYNC 1 update that provided bluetooth song names etc.

However I asked my dealer to update the software (among other things) and the SYNC system is the same version. I checked in Ford india (where you can enter the VIN and it shows you the updates available) and for my car it says the lastest version was installed in January 2014, inferring that no further updates were released.

Then I use the VIN of the rental car and it shows me that there's a "gen 1.1" software update beyond the one installed at hte factory in june 2014.


are there several "gen 1" hardware versions? 

anyone with a 2014 or prior hatchback focus can see bluetooth song names on their unit?




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I have never used Ford sync but generally with hardware a simple firmware update should give you the latest features. If you know you're on v1 and there's a v1.1 available, try updating your firmware.

This link may help: https://owner.ford.com/how-tos/sync-technology/sync/software-updates/how-to-download-sync-software-updates-to-a-usb-drive.html

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