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Sony DAB upgrade


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Am looking to fit a Sony DAB 6CD changer to a Mk 2.5 2009 reg Focus. The radio has the Part Number: 8M5T-18C939-MD. Is this compatible? 

As I understand it to get DAB working I would need to get The DAB aerial upgrade kit which includes the following

.1559265 Aerial Mast
.1559268 Aerial Base
.1682844 Wiring
.1575793 Wiring

Could i get away with using some kind of splitter?

In the future I will also be looking at upgrading the Bluetooth module which currently exists to one which supports A2DP and possibly USB. My current module has the code 8M5T-19G488-AM which I understand does not support those functions. 

Is there anything else I could have missed?

Many thanks



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contact dabonwheels and ask them about the dab splitter - much cheaper and works well. this came too late for me and i paid out £80ish to upgrade too.

for the stereo make sure it is a focus one as the mondeo one does not work with the focus.

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Thanks for your help

 All installed now. Using the ford DAB upgrade kit. Been out for a drive and reception so far is flawless. Must be in a good reception area. Sound is way better than standard radio to.

Had no trouble routing the cable and was left with plenty of length to fit comfortably fit the stereo. 

Must try and get A2DP to work next. 


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The stereo has made a huge difference.

streaming wise would the firmware on the stereo support it?


As for the module does it make any difference being from a Fiesta, Mondeo etc? If I understand rightly I should be looking for 8M5T-19C112 with the letters AM or higher?. Once I've swapped out the existing 8M5T-19G488-AM I believe I would then need to Activate it using modified ELM?

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