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Focus Ghia 2005 Handle/Locking Issue


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Evening all,

I'm hoping someone or some people can help with an issue i've got with my passenger front handle...

How it all started - I locked car and went into a shop forgetting my wife was in car - the alarm went off, she opened/unlocked the car from the inside and ever since that day ive had issues (not knowing if shes pulled the full handle or the little bit above that which flicks in when you lock the car)

Since this issues started with at times the door locking and not being unable to be unlocked/opened either from the inside or outside..........I then need to pull the silver mecanisim that moves in on the handle when u lock it, hold that out, then pull the silver handle to oepn it.

Now im at the stage where the door just doesn't lock at all - have I broken the handle its-self or is it an electric problem perhaps no sending a signal to the handle?

I'm sorry I've probably explained it poorly but I struggle to get the issue into words.

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