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Ford Focus 1.6 tdci, strange tappet like noise ?


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Hi,.ive got a 1.6 tdci focus cvt 7 . Mileage has just covered 80k.

its running 135 Hp, dpf & egr delete & a modified mk2 St exhaust system.


now over the last couple of months I've noticed a strange noise getting louder & louder until a point , then stayed that loud.

its between 1,000 rpm to about 3,000 rpm , to me I would describe it to a push rod engine running low on oil, Tapping almost knocking !

Although its not horrendous, It does get people turning to look when driving passed.  

It's starting to annoy me, although it's drives fine, idles fine & gets over 60mpg.

the exhaust note sounds healthy & smooth as well. 

My friend had a similar but far worse noise on his 1.6 tdci fiesta.  That turned out to be injector knock. 

His car felt really rough & sounded rough compared to mine.


im yet to do a leak off test but I have replaced the injector seals, & swapped the oil & filter for 10w40 rather than 5w30.

this has made a noticeable difference in loudness but the noise is still there :( .....


any one one had anything similar? 



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My DV6 sounds awful tbh, I'm sure I pass more refined Deere's... 

I really wouldn't recommend using thicker oil in them though! 

It sounds like injector tick as it stops at 3k, a tappet would get worse the higher you go, but I don't know why it would quieten from thicker oil.  Have you checked for play in turbo bearings, I think the vanes will be fully open by 3k.


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That's what I was thinking. 

The turbo feels healthy too me, 

i think the thicker oil just quietens the already noisy engine just a tad but does nothing for the actual Noise problem I'm complaining about. 

Its really is driving me nuts ...

I'd assume if the injectors are going it would run rough though not just sound it ?

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