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Help with choosing my Focus


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Hi everyone. I've pretty much decided I want to buy a Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125ps. The test drive was great. I'm getting slightly confused with the various models/years/options available and wondered if anyone here can help out.

My main question is what's the difference between the existing 2014 models, and the new version which came out later that year. I know the grill has a new look, but otherwise I'm unsure what changed. Is the engine identical? Is it just trim and bodywork? What about boot space?

Also, I just wondered which models would have DAB radio and parking sensors fitted as standard, if any.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Some pros to the facelift off the top of my head:

  • Increased front rigidity (better steering feel).
  • Re-Tuned power steering (better steering feel).
  • Dampers slightly adjusted (more compliant ride and better handling).
  • Sync 2 availability (depending on trim level)

It basically fixes a lot of the criticisms of the mk3 originally, if you have the choice I'd get a facelift, but you are not loosing out massively if you have to go for an older one for financial reasons.

If you are going for the Focus 1.0, just make sure it is the 125PS as that nets you the 6 speed gearbox which IMO is much better.

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The engine mount might have changed but I'm not sure, the engine itself is the same.

Rear park sensors are standard on titanium. Front and rear are standard on titanium X, but both can be specified as options on Zetec. DAB should be standard on Zetec and higher, possibly lower models too but I can't remember. My mum's 2012 Zetec has DAB though.




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