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I want to splash more money. Help me.


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I drive a 1.4 Focus Studio, 05 plate. What modifications would you guys recommend to invest in? So far, I have:

Apex lowering springs.

Custom head unit.

Tinted rears.

RS alloys (pretty damaged though).

I considered powder coating my alloys, but I don't have any replacement wheels for the time this is being done at the minute. Some things I considered:

Insert Speakers into the door panels in the back (there's currently nothing in there).

Get a sub, and go to an audio place to get it fitted.

HID conversion.

Anything else that comes into your minds :)

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Im personally not a fan of Angel eyes on fiestas & focus'. It's been done too many times. Id rather do a custom HID retrofit into a facelift housing like I have. As far as I'm aware there's 4 sets in the UK & 2 of them are on here. Ive written a guide on my profile

www.yorkshiredetailing.co.uk - approved resellers of the Highest quality detailing & Valeting supplies

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I was thinking ST lamps? A friend of mine suggested this, since they are literally plug & play :)


Or something like this??????



What do you think? Is there anything I need to know?

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