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Tips to clean weather strips on roof


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Hi all


I'm looking to do a full clean on my car today with a clay polish and wax, if the weather holds up.


My question is that on the roof of my focus where the plastic trims run from the back to the front where the water drains, there is moss and green crap caught under the strips that i want to shift off the paintwork.


Whats the best way to tackle this. 


Will using a brush scratch the paintwork, or is there a better tip to do this

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A garden hose on the "single jet" setting on the nozzle will do it, if you haven't got access to a pressure washer.

I've had several cars that have concealed gutters/trim beneath the actual roof rails, that during the winter gain pine needles, mossy and lichen bits and general crud.  Putting the hose nozzle as close as you can to the slit at an angle of about 30° and pulling the trigger, shifts the the lot and propels out of the channel.  If you do it on both channels, from the front and from the back, you'll ensure nothing was left behind.

To avoid a comedy moment, the nozzle needs to be angled, otherwise you'll get a face full as the water blows back.:ohmy:



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Thanks for the responses, managed to wash the car today, think im gonna tackle the tough grime on the next wash.


I need to clay the car asap too as white is a lovely colour but it shows up every blemish and mark known to man.



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Use all purpose cleaner for the grime/plastics

You need fallout remover for the paintwork


clay lube/Quick detailer

detailing brushes work wonders too

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