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IF,  note big IF I get the job position I've applied for my mileage is going to go from near nothing to approx 75-80 miles a day, so I'm thinking of changing my petrol 125ps tit x fiesta for a focus if needs be

Few questions though, what spec to go for ?

I've toyed with the ST3 but tbh it'd be a waste, so I'm more thinking the normal specced cars.

What does each spec really offer?

Is the better mpg really present for a diesel against a ecoboost petrol? 

What are the downsides to a diesel? 

As I'll be honest in all my years of driving, apart from the odd van for 5 minutes, I've never really driven one, not to get used to their quirks at least anyway

Help me 

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I've got a 2012 focus 1.6tdci titanium X. Spec includes part leather heated seats, cruise, bluetooth with voice recognition, ambient lighting, self parking (never really used it.) 


i dont think think I would personally go for anything less than tit X as I do like the toys. Having said that I do love the looks of the zetec s. But the equipment means more to me. 


As as for the engine. It's a hard one for me to say. I like the 1.6 diesel but you can't get away from the fact that it is not a fast car. It's fairly economical.  I do about 50 miles a day, mostly motorway and I average probably 51-52mpg. It cost 20 quid a year to tax which for me is a huge plus, but I think 1.0 ecoboost is the same.


in terms of driving it, mine is very smooth and quiet but it can be very jerky if you are in a queue of traffic crawling in first. It is also a bugger to pull away smoothly, it bogs down quite a lot no matter how many revs you use. However ford have looked at it and says its normal.  I don't know if they are all like this or wether it's just mine.


ultimatly if I could swap mine for a petrol I probably would. I know it may cost me a bit more in fuel but I would accept that. 

But don't get me wrong it's a really nice car and it does give a really good ride and drive most of the time  


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Titanium and higher gets a better interior finish, something I thought I could live without on my Zetec S but actually really missed, so was really glad to get it back on my ST.

Soft touch door panels, ambient lighting, deluxe headliner, overhead console with sunglasses bin, etc.

If I was getting a non ST again, it would have to be Titanium or Titanium X then I'd just add the bodykit afterwards.

75-80 miles a day, if that's long journeys I'd definitely get a diesel - The 2.0 TDCi would be my engine of choice, not as frugal as the 1.6 but really punchy, hence why it is used in the ST TDCi :D

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2.0 is still the better engine tbh, a bit less eco and tax costs more but the extra power, better powerband and reliability are worth going for IMO.

Specs are fairly similar to the Fiesta, in that nothing under Titanium is worth going for haha. 

Would you be selling yours or trading it in?

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