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Detecting egr delete


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was just curious how to detect if egr has been deleted, was meant to be done when had remap but not confident they did it, been blanked of, was thinking maybe through emlconfig or forscan not to sure

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10 minutes ago, Ryan_Tango said:

You shouldn't have anything to worry about if you have had it blanked off, should function as though it's not there. 

sounds good enough to me mate cheers

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59 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

You can watch the EGR open/close on live data with FORScan.  However, as Ryan said, if it's blacked it won't matter anyway.

cheers tom

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When I remapped mine , I took the egr off completely & bolted up a blanking plate. 

But as above really it doesn't matter if you've got a blank plate fitted.  

If you really want to see if it has been deleted off the map, unplug it , if eml comes on its still on your map. 

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