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James Atkin

Engine Management Light

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Hi All,

I have a Ford Ka 1.3 2003 which was starting to run a bit roapy when it got warm - occasionally missing.

I have just replaced the leads and plugs and it now sounds lovely - problem is, the Engine Management light came on after these were replaced!

How can I reset it? I bought a USB VAG-COM type interface some time back for an older car and it appears to be the same connector. I have researched around on the web and it looks like there are at least 3 different communications standards for that style connector!

Any idea if I can use this to diagnose the fault / reset it? I was given an old version of VAG-COM some time back, but it only appears to deal with VW/Skoda/Audi/Seat.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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That is an interesting thought...

btw, I have tried disconnecting the battery for over 1 hour - no luck :-(

Interestingly enough, the change of the leads/plugs has certainly fixed the problem - drives lovely now!

There are rumors that it is possible to reset the ECU using the ignition key??? This really does seem far to useful to be true ;-)

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