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Focus 1.6 tdci 2008 turbo issue


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My turbo has gone on my Focus 1.6 tdci 2008, the compressor wheel has a very lot of play. I am aware this engine can have a turbo problem due to a few factors and from fords tsb, quite a lot of things need to be done when you change the turbo. I dont want to go to these costly lengths as there still is no guarantee the turbo wont blow again. 

How does this sound for a plan i change the oil and oil filter, make sure the hoses are clear and clean, replace just the cartridge in my existing turbo (£90) and put it back on. For say the first 1000 miles keep checking that oil is going through the turbo by installing a longer oil return pipe into a container and check the volume of oil i get in 60 seconds. Also a few oil+ filer changes. This shouldnt cost much more than £150 which i dont mind losing if the turbo blows again. The garage quoted me £1900 for a turbo+ kit replacement which i would be gutted if the turbo blew again.

Something i am not sure about is just looking at my turbo, it says garrett on it, will this be the original when the car was made or are these after markets turbo's. If it is a after market turbo, will the standard cartridge i am looking to buy be compatible still?

Also would i need to remove the cat and dpf exhaust to take the lower oil feed banjo bolt out?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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risky business, the facts are these, turbos don't blow for no reason, its being starved of oil.  the problem with just changing a turbo is that the crap in the oil is still there waiting to block and fry the next turbo. clean the pipes, clean the sump and make sure there isn't any crap around the engine and your all good, im thinking the last bit is the tricky bit tho



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Ive done the tsb to the word, and fitted new turbo, rechecked the oil return flow, all ok. And still knackered the turbo after a thousand miles or so, the carbon crystals had worked there way in internal drilling in block despite all the flushing, cleaning etc, banjo bolts , pipes etc,etc,etc.

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