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Lines on trip compute screen at start up


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I bought my mk3 Focus in December last year, so still in my 3 month warranty, so hoping for some info before I take it in.


I have only encountered this error in the cold weather, -1degree.

When the car is started I will get this screen which lasts up to 5 seconds, usually. This time it lasted  15+  second, so managed t get my phone out in time


If you have any suggestions, please let me know. 

Pic attached 


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Never seen that before so definitely not normal. You have a pic as evidence to show the garage which is great but they might want it overnight to test from cold first thing to try and reproduce it.

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Thanks Alex

I might try go when there's going to be a cold snap in their area.

If anyone does have info please post, so I can have an idea of what they should be fixing too.

I looked into it last week and have a thought that it may be the instrument cluster, hopefully I'm wrong as its pretty expensive

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Definitely take it in so it's recorded on their records, at least that way if they give you the run around or it breaks fully in 3 months time you have proof of when you reported it so you can take the approach that they should have fixed it within the 3 month warranty.


They may be fine & fix it 1st time round but it's easy to not get around to taking it in, before you know it the warranty has expired & you can't prove when it started acting up.

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