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Engine chugs, usually when not at full operating temp and only during idle, any help much appreciated


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I first noticed this chugging noise on the day of purchase, but I was also experiencing other problems with it such as overheating that I put this noise to one side. then the next day the transmission light came on (didn't find out what it was until about 1 month later ) and I hear clunking when changing gear.


Back to the chugging noise, so I have had this car for around 9 months now and I really want this noise to go away and fix the problem.


Car chugs sometimes, when it does it is during idling and when the car has warmed but not at it's full operating temp. It will usually chug for a few minutes but then resume to normal idle. I also recently noticed, When I bring clutch to the biting point the car will stop chugging, then when I take my feet off the clutch it chugs again before resuming to normal idle.


We did check glow plugs and each plug glowed, but several week later car sometimes takes a while to start when cold but only rarely, so I may replace plugs anyway.

The EGR inc it's manifold has been replaced so that was not the cause.


The MAF wiring loom is damaged atm and it is triggering the EML on, I am expecting some used wiring from a loom to arrive next week so hope to get the loom fixed then but car was chugging before damaged loom.


any ideas what may be the cause for this chugging noise ?



Thanks to all who help






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