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Plug gap/bad idle


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Just trying to get a definitive answer on what the plug gaps should be for a 2003 1,6 Zetec SE.I believe it used to be 1.3mm and now 1mm but  wasn't sure if that was for different ages.Got an intermittent bad idle and its hunting when slowing down or sitting cold or warm.Just bought this as my first Focus and eliminating everything one by one after the garage washed their hands of it.Its not IAC, Coilpack or leads , or Lambda.It had a full tank of petrol in it for about 3 months left standing so will get fresh fuel soon.Was told the lumpiness would drive out of it as its been standing.

No codes except crash sensor and abs showing (about to go back to garage and insist they are done, ABS light shows up on test but doesn't light up on ignition and think they are aware but not told me or fixed it).Looks like doing the timing belt the engine mount bolt has been sheared off on one side, is this now an MOT fail? as i'm thinking of getting them to fix it under warranty of selling me it.Got 7 months MOT and they were reluctant to give a fresh 12 months so these issues are why i guess.Been our family garage for many years so bit depressing really.

Does this year have the rubber t piece i keep hearing about?

All answers appreciated just want to feel what they are like to actually drive when healthy.





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plug gap is 1.0mm dielectric grease should be used on both the spark and coil end of the leads to help if that fails then it could be the pcv valve located at the front of the engine i think or a collapsed hose to the throttle

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