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Focus steering rack


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Ok fellas I have wear on the driver side inner part of tyre and had the car aligned but still got the wear after a few months. I checked all suspension parts and all seem fine except for the steering rack.

There is a slight knock or small play in the steering rack when car is up on ramp and you turn the steering wheel and check it against the actual wheels. Val joints 100% and the track rods 100% on both sides. 

I think the play is coming from the inner arms of the steering rack mainly on driver side but need to investigate further.


Can the inner arms be replaced or does it have to be a whole new steering rack?



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You can replace them separately, about £25 each for decent ones.  I don't know how much of a pain it is with access on the Focus though.

It's usually advised on MOT (I've just replaced one on a mates car after MOT advisory lol).

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Thanks Tom.

I need to check if it a the inner tie rod or the rack npin part of the steering rack itself. I'm praying its the inner arm though as it may be a lot handier to sort out. It's hard to tell which area of the rack it's coming from.

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