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Naff Key - What are my options?


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Hey guys, I have a 55 plate MK2 focus with one of the fob style remote keys. I.e: not a flip one!

The buttons are really stiff to push now and a little unresponsive for my liking. 


What at are my options interms of replacing? Can I keep the blade end of the key and replace the button part and program myself? 

Or is it a drop your trousers at a Ford Dealer Job??




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Buy a complete fob off eBay and swap the blade and transponder over.

The transponder is a glass tube inside a rubber sleeve that you have to slide out carefully and transplant to the new fob.

Once you do this then you can self-programme the fob to your locking system.


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5 hours ago, Stoney871 said:

TBH, if all that is wrong is that the buttons are duff just swap the button side and keep the original battery/transponder side then there's no risk of damaging the chip.

Thanks Stoney, it didn't occur to me from looking at it that after the blade side coming off, the front and back separate but that makes complete sense now!! I'll try replacing just the button side first, I'm 99.9% sure it's them. 


The key is so worn the plastic is smooth and shiny, not textured as per your picture. 


Might as as well give it a new battery at the same time, is there a time limit for how long the battery can be out for?



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It is recommended to change a battery as quickly as possible, but as you need to replace the button side anyway time doesn't matter here.

The transponder is passive with no power needed so not a problem.

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Ok that sounds good. 


Thanks for the concise into Stoney. Much appreciated!


Out of interest, what would the damage be for a whole new key cut and coded?

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From Ford you could be looking at £200.

When I had my mk2 Focus I wanted a flip key so sourced one (non oem but very good copy) off eBay.

Places like Timpsons refused to cut the blade as they reckoned the metal too hard for their cutters.

Brother-in-law owns his own garage and put me onto a local mobile auto locksmith that cut and coded the key in 10 minutes for mates rates (iirc about £30).

Key worked flawlessly and I'm sure it still is for whoever owns the car now.

For an auto locksmith standard price you would probably pay £70 - £100.

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