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Wrapping Center console


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Who's wrapped their center consoles? And whom, out of them, arn't sheep and just gone with "carbon fiber" ?? ;) 


I really hate the carbon fiber look....sorry to those who has it, it just looks cheap and chavvy to me. That may just be my opinion, and i more than likely and a divvy - so dont worry about my opinon haha


anyway, regardless of what you've used, any pictures going? I'd love to see other things apart from carbon, obvs.... i was thinking of doing a sort of chrome? maybe a brushed chrome..... the center console plastic is real dirty and its not like surface dirt.... so yea.. ideas please! 

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20 hours ago, djsubtronic said:

Here's a unique idea I guarantee nobody will have 

(Sorry I'm a sheep :( )

aint no thing.... everyone has their own likes and dislikes - its allll good

I just aint a fan is all. I know loads of people, friends included that wrap the f00k out of everything in carbon... and i just dont get it. Was just wondering if anyone has ventured out. Not entirely sure what i was looking for - maybe a chorme as i say... or summot close to the original silver.... just to give it a fresh new look 

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