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Best way to see Fuel Starvation With Forscan


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I changed my fuel filter yesterday (what a difference!) and was hoping to see some sort of change in Forscan as follows.

What would of been the best route to detect fuel starvation ?

Oh and i still can't get elmconfig to work properly :(







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That's a lot of data streams lol...

Is there an 'actual' rail pressure vs 'requested' rail pressure on there?  That's what I check on Peugeot Planet when HDi's are struggling but not had a fuel issue on the Focus (yet lol).  


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Not sure about the expected/requested, I'll have a look next time I plug in. I've been looking at the dpf pressure as well which seems ok sitting around 0.1kpa and gives back a reading at 3000rpm of about 4/5 kpa.

It only showed signs of starvation when I hammered it up a hill, pity I didn't ask for that little tip before-hand !

Result was as follows...



Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 16.31.29.png

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