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MK1 1.6 pinging when warm, also poor start (fuel pressure?)


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Patient: MK1.5 Focus 1.6 2003 (stupid version with MAP, not MAF)

Issue: When it's hot it starts badly (with low rpm's then eventually builds up) and serious pinging under heavy load (e.g. stop uphill, raise handbrake and with a lot rpm try to pull off). It's also present every time on uphill driving but with much less noticeable symptoms. On idle every, let's say every 5-6 seconds quiet "booping" in intake can be heard (this one I find quiet often with this engine type on forums).

Absolutely zero issues with cold start (until engine warms up). No stored faults also.

New lambda sensor, new sparks, plugs, coils, new detonation sensor, new fuel pressure regulator. So, that pretty much covers everything. Checked all hoses for leaks (PCV, fuel pressure regulator to throttle body etc.)

Now, I've bought some fuel pressure gauge with adapters, however, ones to connect with this strange quick disconnect fittings didn't come in kit. Now how to fit it on the rail before fuel pressure regulator? Ideas?

Thank you.


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