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Focus indicators


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The Focus MK2/MK2.5 does not have an indicator relay. On this vehicle the indicators are controlled electronically by the GEM module/fuse box (which is basically a computerized fuse box). The GEM module/fuse box does have SMD type micro relays which are soldered directly onto the circuit board. There are a few normal changeable relays but these are not used for the indicators.

Personally I put my money on a defectve GEM module/fuse box. In the past I changed and reprogrammed several GEM modules/fuse boxes to solve compareable problems. Most problems are caused by corrosion of the circuit boards of the GEM module/fuse box. This corrosion causes a short cicuit on the circuit board which can can a lot sometimes very strange symptoms. Most common are indicator or windshield wiper symptoms. In some cases the problems can be solved by cleaning the circuit boards. In other cases the GEM module/fuse box needs to be reprogrammed to solve the problem

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