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1.6tdci no start


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Focus 55 plate tdci no start turns over but will not fire chucks out white/grey smoke whilst turning over from exhaust.

only code stored is glow plug fault 

fuel pressure reads 32-53bar on crankimg 720psi.

i presume its fuel related but no codes to say low fuel pressure any help appreciated.



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Glow plugs aren't really needed to start common rail engines.  You should get an 'engine malfunction' message if they're dead but it'll still start...I had none for few days last year.

How long were you turning it over for?  It may take a few seconds longer before catching if it's cold there.  Will knock like a bugger when it does catch as well lol.


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Read with forscan and a snap on solus 

start pressure is 25 bar then jumps to 52 bar white smoke out back doesnt even attempt to fire.

iv wipped all the injectors out and sent for testing awaiting results back.

Hopefully its an injector as one had a bit of black carbon around the top and was chuffing a few weeks ago ?

realy at a loss i can repair cars but fault finding on deisels is a challange :)


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Quick update had a call from the deisel enginers and they have tested already and found one injector totaly open so would not allow any presure to build up and therefore presumed to be dumping fuel in to the bore.

£186 all in damaged one repaired and all other 3 cleaned.

Get them back tommorrow morning


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