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Creaky Suspension?


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Evening all,

bought a 2005 Focus Zetec Climate 1.6  petrol, a few months back, and recently there has been a squeaking/creaking/clunking noise coming from what seems to be the passenger side of the car sometimes  front and rear, I checked the anti-roll bars and they seem fine. not to sure what else it might be... 

any suggestions?


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Run your finger around the shock absorbers, any oil picked up means they're leaking, had a creak from the rear of my 2004 fiesta mk6 and couldn't find anything wrong till I looked at the shock absorber to find it leaking.

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5 hours ago, artscot79 said:

the mk2 suffers from dry bushes get some white spray grease and grease the bushes and strut tops first usually it clears it up

That's been on my "to do list" for umm...how long have I had the car? Ohh yeah...just over 3 years lol

Volume up masks the noise :biggrin:

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