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I have a 2003 focus which stands for a few days sometimes before it gets used. It had been standing for 4 days ok when a neighbour who parks his car next to mine came over one evening to tell me the car radio was on, although it was not on when he went out on that morning, it had run the battery down enough to prevent starting so I charged it up again and the radio worked fine, switching on and off ok, later that day I was told the radio was on again and this time I caught it before the battery was drained but the radio would not switch off ! it would not respond to the controls at all so I had to remove the fuse to save draining down again. Any ideas at all,? and how do  the power saving relays work.?

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Cheers artscot79 for that piece of information.! I found an ex-Ford mechanic who immediately said the problem will be with the "pop out" security panel and the contacts would be the cause and just need cleaning as the panel does not come out very often and the contacts would be making a poor connection, and guess what.? he was right.! so it looks like I saved myself the price of a new radio.

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