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Bad mechanics and blanking


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Please note this an experience I'd like to share with you guys. Problem has been solved.

Last Christmas i bought what i thought was the perfect working low mileage (for me anyway 69k) 2010 Ford focus 1.6 tdci, it had a full documented history from ford with service done at each 12,500 mile interval. The egr was replaced by ford themselves. This is what it is about and blanking it.

Only after a few days driving i noticed the smell of exhaust fumes leaking into the cabin when the fan is on whilst stationery. Not knowing exactly what it was at fault i hoped it wasn't the common injector problems. But checking those, they seemed clean and no clicking sound.

Anyway i promptly upgraded the filter to k&n with the lid and had the egr blanking plate ready to fit, this is today, 3 months later. Upon removal i found that the absolute bell end at ford decided, hey I'm gonna stick this gasket half way and leave it hanging, this in turn created a leak, i noticed black soot all over the firewall.

Big thanks to lenny for his guide as i managed to fit the blanking plate, was a struggle for a short guy.  But hey the car is 100 times better, the leak was creating some performance issue as it is better in everyway with the added benefit of the plate.

I now realised i was fooled thinking this is at it's best back then but now you can feel the torque, smooth response and hopefully this also fixes the slight scream i used to get on full throttle, (i thought it was the k&n but thinking of it now, it was maybe just the gases escaping).

Next thing on the list is as i discussed a while back is the dpf delete and remap, new local qoute is £250 for remap and £120 for delete labour, is this reasonable, qouted by Crawley Car Mechanics. Has any one used them before?

Also my service is due in 1k miles, ford sent me an email which i followed the link to book one and they qouted me £465 but directly from ford website i tried a motorcraft 4+ and it came up as £195 for major service, anyone have an idea why the difference before i get round to calling them.

Many thanks

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good that you found the problem and even better you fixed it yourself, if it were me id look in to servicing the car myself, save you an absolute fortune, after a few month the tools will have been paid for :)

DPF removal will be about 400 including an off the shelf remap.


Don't bother with ford if you know a good indy garage, save yourself a fortune (to go buy some tools or do some mods to the car!)



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I wanted to maintain the ffsh incase i have to sell it for a new car, that is why the trip to ford, i do services myself but don't have the time nowadays with job and new baby. Hence why I have a focus for now.

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