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My Terraclean results


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Hi all,

As touched on in my build thread I had my 120,000 miles 1.8 TDCI Terracleaned last Thursday by C&K Motors (Parkgate, Rotherham) so I thought I'd post the results now I've had a chance to do a long run & a -2'C start this morning! (in addition to some shorter runs).  I was happy with service, the guys really seemed to know his stuff & unlike some places actually gave the impression he cared about doing a job properly!

I decided on a Terraclean for a few reasons:

  • At low revs the engine seems to lack the torque it had a couple of years ago
  • SMOKE when I booted it (lots of soot)
  • On a cold start the engine didn't idle evenly for the 1st couple of minutes despite me having cleaned the sensors
  • A generally lack of "pull" & the feeling that the engine was holding back
  • Average MPG was high 30's when historically it had been closer to the upper 40's mark even in winter

The results....I couldn't be happier for my £108.

The engine instantly felt smooth & free revving on the way home although I was initially willing to chalk that one down to the engine being warmed up prior to me getting the car back & an element of the placebo effect.  There is now no "judder" at low revs when I'm not on the loud pedal, average MPG is now 45 which considering it's been FREEZING recently I'm very happy with, I no longer leave a soot patch on the road when I boot it, a -2'C start this morning fired 1st crank & idled smoothly, it really does seem to have given my car a new lease of life. :wub:

Even the wife has noticed the improvement & she didn't have any idea why the car had gone to the garage.  I've refitted my EGR blank so fingers crossed I'm set for a few more years of Focus motoring, I can't promise that everyone will have the same results but every few years I'll likely have it done again.

Incidentally when I removed my old EGR blank it was caked in soot on 1 side (about 3mm thick!) despite only having been fitted for approximately 18 months, I wouldn't like to think about all the crap that was blown back through the engine before the original plate was fitted. :wallbash: Anyone with a Lynx engine, if you haven't fitted a blank get it done, your engine will thank you for it & you don't even need to worry about the EML coming on. (unless you're VERY unlucky)

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