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Heater plug wiring harness problem


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Hi everyone ,

I am a new member here but I regularly read the forums here , I think they are a great help and love reading them .

Well here goes , I have a problem with my 09 focus titanium 1.8tdci . I have just noticed today that the wiring harness from the heater plugs is melted where the red wire from the plugs joins to the harness on the right hand side of the engine just in front of the fuel filter . when I touched it ,I fount that the connection had just about completely come apart .

I cleaned the melted plastic from both ends of the wires and done a quick joining together of the wires . I am hoping that someone here can help me . I am wondering if anybody else has had the same problem and what they have done to fix it and what I need to do to fix the problem on mine .

I have heard that it might cause the engine to go up on fire .

I have done a quick job on them myself but I  dont know if it is the right thing to do . I need the car everyday and have an early start in the mornings so need the heater plugs to start my baby in the mornings . 

Please help me , I need some real advise .

Thanks all for your time ............................................... 

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not uncommon problem , be very aware it can catch fire, ive had a transit connect catch fire but luckily the bonnet was open when it did and was able to put fire out quickly, new glow plug wiring harness required.

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Thanks Ian , I dont know when I will be able to get into my nearest ford dealer because of the hours I work and the nearest dealer is 25 klm  away . I am hoping that the quick fix that I done today will hold together . 

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