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Which Turbo Boost Gauge?


Diesel Boost Gauge - which one to buy?  

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  1. 1. help me decide

    • 0-35 PSI
    • 0-3 BAR

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Hi all

after lots of searching on the web I have found a supplier that sells gauges specific for diesel cars (no vacuum is shown) and now i have the dilemma of deciding which one to get!

do i get a 0-35 psi one or a 0-3 bar one?

the gauges are black faces with white lettering and a red needle.

for anyone else interested in buying these:

BAR: http://rspec.co.uk/b-gauges-b/clear-black-face-series/diesel-52mm-clear-lens-black-face-boost-gauge-0-3-bar 

PSI: http://rspec.co.uk/b-gauges-b/clear-black-face-series/diesel-52mm-clear-lens-black-face-boost-gauge-0-35-psi

this will give a nice sweep when the turbo kicks in :yahoo:

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