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Genuine henon headlight parts to halogen headlight


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Hi.I have a broken genuine henon headlight and i want to take off all the inside parts and put them to a halogen headlight after of course take off the inside too.Is this possible ?.I don't want to pay for a new one,i want to use the exterior Shell part only from the halogen headlight.Is going to fit? or i have to modified the last one?

It's a used part for a 70 euros .It has the broken part and i think it;s missing the bulb holder.Of course i want to buy another one headlight to replace mine.









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The housing of both the Xenon and Halogen headlamps is exactly the same. The interior parts of the Xenon headlamp will fit inside the housing of the Halogen headlamp without any problem. However opening these headlights is a hell of a job. From the Focus MK2 onwards the headlights are sealed with Permaseal adhesive. Permaseal is very strong and applying heat (in an oven) does not soften the Permaseal adhesive. Permaseal can only be removed mechanically.

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i recently open a pair of focus mkii headlights and put inside morimoto projectors .Yes it is diffycult but it opens at the end.I put inside the oven for about 7 minutes at 200 celsious :laugh:.

How much can i find the genuine henon headlights at UK?They tell me  is no problem for the headlights because you drive at the left side on the road and here in Greece in the right ,i can change it from inside the headlights that.Is this truth?

The manual it is writen '' The headlamps can be adjusted for driving on the left or right side of the road by special technical ''

Can i do this myself ?is anybody know how?

I found this headlight but he is not shipping to Greece



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curious, did you ditch the morimoto Mini Hi1s if so why? I just got the RHD Mii H1 parts and am in the process of converting an old set of OEM reflectors

Cracking open the case was a royal pain in the bum, headlamp is too big for the ovan so the only thing I could do was the carboard box and a heat gun, got it up to 150c, it was tough but they popped open eventually, the hardest thing is keeping the reflector clean, one down one to go, on the next one I'm going to cover the high beam reflector in clingfilm to stop dust and what not from getting to it. 



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