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Speakers - MK3 zetec


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I've unexpectedly got the week off so may get some Speakers set in.

I think my current Speakers are blown, due to masssssssive amounts of bass on the Ford Focus Zetec MK3. Is this normal? I'll be on bass +/-0 and on volume 8 people can hear me from inside their homes. Right now I've turned the bass down to -5 or something, to stop the rattling and crackling.

So i want to change out my Speakers, and have done some research, but was planning on doing more before asking.. it's just that my boss called me 10 mins before I was about to wake up for work and gave me the week off.

  • Can I fit coax/triaxial speakers?
  • Do I already have component speakers, and should I disconnect them if I put in coaxial?
  • Will I need an amp or power supplies?
  • I read that the Head Unit is the first thing people change to improve sound. I don't want to change the stock look and don't want to spend excessively, will speakers make the difference I need? if not please make some suggestions
  • Will i need speaker adapters? (spacers?)
  • Will speaker foam housings, really improve sound quality?
  • There will be a limit to the depth, anyone know?

My needs

  • I don't want to do anything technical like wiring
  • Don't want to spend much, but willing to go up to 50 area.
  • improvement on sound quality, reduced bass
  • easy install

These are some of the speakers I have seen

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Hi Sunil. It's quite normal for the Speakers in the mk3 to sound bassey.

Your car has component Speakers in the front and either the same in the back or a full range speaker.

If you want to upgrade your Speakers then do so but £50 won't get you better ones than what's in the car already.

In this forum look at threads done by a few on their mk2.5's and mine with my mk3.

If you're not ok with fitting speakers yourself then I suggest find a car hifi dealer and ask them.

If as you state you don't want to spend more than £50 then save your money and use the tone controls on your head unit as you have already done. Enjoy what you have.

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:blush: pretty sure one or more Speakers has ripped, so looking to replace


Had a look at your post, You have the Titanium version, my parents have the cmax titanium and the sound quality is great, the bass is good on their system. The Zetec has different Speakers

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Ok. Best then to take the door trim panels off. Think I put photos of where the screws are bur if not the search on utube where there's an American big guy who shows you how and more. If you find your Speakers are damaged then you'll have to replace but do be prepared to spend more than 50 as good ones are around 80 to 100. Pioneer seems to be a popular replacement.

My car is a titanium x and those Speakers I bought some years ago at nearly 300 quid but back then money was no object.

If you end up buying replacements then you'll need speaker mounting brackets. Make sure you get the right ones as the mk3 ones are very different to mk2/mk2.5. Have fun.

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pioneer from the list above and trust me they are better than ford paper Speakers theres a marked difference from the in laws cmax titanium Speakers to the pioneer the ford ones look like they cost a fiver

you'll need sizes though to fit in the doors so they don't foul the window glass etc and so the door card goes back on

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Thanks for the advice on Speakers Tazzmann, but really not looking to invest heavily in this area, as long as the Speakers don't sound bad I'm happy, but I know the age old rule of you get what you pay for, so that's on me. I found a really good video guide on removing the door panels on youtube LINK


Thanks artscot, good to know.. I was siding with the FLI Speakers in my own head haha, but nice to see both of you siding with Pioneer


I found these today, and liked the reviews LINK

I called up the company and they said I needed 5x7 speakers... did they misclick and assume I had a different car?

Any chance you've heard of this brand? 

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That company you called gave you totally wrong info. The Speakers are 6 1/2" in your car and they are component type. Fitting coax Speakers will !Removed! up sound unless you sort the speaker wires out but that isn't recommended.

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