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Washer bottle leak


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I filled up the washer bottle on Sunday for the first time to the top and I ended up with water dripping down through the wheel arch for ages after. 

Obviously the bottle must be split or have a hole in it I guess. How easy is it to replace and how much would a new one cost? 



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I know on the mk2.5 the washer tank filler neck and washer tank are two separate items. Joined at 90 degrees  (Doing this from memory)  To remove the filler neck, remove the surrounding trim, held in by those pesky plastic philips clips and undo the bolt holding filler neck to wing. The filler neck meets that tank at 90 bend, i think there is a seal their. I could be leaking from there? 

The removal of the tank isn't bad, jack up car, remove front right wheel, remove arch liner/mudflap, remove foam packer in wing, there are a couple of bolts that hold the tank in, an electrical connection and couple of rubber hoses routed on the tank. However before you remove the tank check all the hoses are attached, i believe this is a known problem with them coming loose. so you might find one has come off and thats where the leak is from? 

Also now would be a good time to remove the pump just pull it out and clean the pre filter, (known issue with these)  obviously the contents of your tank will spill everywhere!  The pre filter is  a rubber grommet with a filter mesh that filters crud from the bottom of the tank, give it a thorough rinse in clean water. 

My washers stopped working and I was only getting a dribble from them even though the tank was full. turned it was the pump pre filter that was gunked up. If the tank if split, eBay for a new one or maybe a breakers if you have one near you. I hope its just a loose hose though :)


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OK. That's really helpfull ty.

Mine is the mark 2,does that make a difference? Also my washers are working so I guess it's not the hose disconnected. 

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its the overflow its not supposed to be filled right to the top its supposed to be filled just below the neck if you overfil I will come out the overflow and drip onto the wheel till it reaches the right amount then stop theres no need to strip anything down

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