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MOT Emissions and EGR blanking 1.8 TDCI


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Quick question,

I haven't had an MOT done on a diesel before. (First diesel I have owned) Is it still the smoke test they do, or will my EGR blanking plate cause problems. It runs pretty clean with he plate fitted, every so often I put a load of millers ecomax diesel cleaner in the tank. Should I remove the blanking plate prior to the MOT? 1.8 TDCI so doesn't bring up an EML with the EGR blank plate which is good. 

What do you think?

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As above diesels have never been tested for emissions just a smoke opacity test.

People always say their diesel passed an emissions test but it's not emissions like a petrol it is purely a test on the smoke output to check the density of smoke produced.

You will only fail the smoke test if there is something wrong with the car and it chucks out a lot of smoke under hard acceleration.

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